Message From Executive Committee Chair

July 26, 2016

As the newly elected Chair of the Hernando County Executive Committee I want to thank our Democratic team for all the work they have done to keep the Democratic Party alive and active here in Hernando County.  It is now time to get to work and elect Democratic Candidates.

I had a hard time deciding which Presidential Candidate I wanted to support.  I have been a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders because he fought for issues that were for the good of the working class of people.  As an ex-union representative these were always issues that I supported with our union membership.

During my years as Union Representative I had the opportunity to meet President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton personally.  I had the opportunity to attend the Democratic Convention in New York City when Bill Clinton was nominated for the office of President of the United States.  I supported Hillary Clinton’s medical program, which if enacted, we would have had Medical Insurance of everyone.  The huge Insurance Companies prevented that from happening.   Bill and Hillary Clinton worked for programs that help build the middle class and I’m sure Hillary will work hard for the other 99% of our population not just the upper 1%.

Now that Hillary Clinton is the nominee of the Democratic Party for the thankless job of President of these United States, I can officially say I endorse Hillary Clinton and will work hard to get her elected.

However, we must make changes in Congress in order the accomplish the Democratic Agenda.  I am proud to say we have a candidate for the U.S. House of Representative for District 11, Dave Koller, who will be a big help in accomplishing those tasks.  Dave has studied the issues in this district and will work hard for the other 99% of working people.  Also we have a chance to take back the control of the Senate.  That we must do in order to get Supreme Court Judges appointed. The Koch Brothers—have already spent $15 MILLION to make sure their rubber-stamp people stay in charge of the Senate. We must change that.   We need Federal Judges appointed in order to correct our Criminal Justice System.  We must work hard get a Democratic Senator elected.

In order to give us a voice in the Florida House of Representatives we must elect Ramon Gutierrez as our Representatives for this district.  He is well qualified and will work hard at being your Representative in Tallahassee.  We can’t continue to have a person who represents just big business and the Developers of this county and state.  We must bring in new businesses that have good paying jobs and benefits that help our people exist and live normal lives.  Skimping from pay-day to pay-day just doesn’t get it.

On the Local level we have three good candidates for the County Commission.  Diane Rowden has done a great job in representing Democratic issues but she can’t do the job by herself.  She deserves our support and our VOTE. She has some strong candidates running against her.  One Candidate doesn’t live in this Community but will move here if elected. Can we depend of someone like that?  The HCDEC will be working hard to get her re-elected.  She deserves our support and our VOTE.   However, we must elect the other two candidates seeking a seat on the County Commission.  Jimmy Lodato and Paul Douglas are longtime residents of this County who know the issues facing us and will work hard to make the right decisions to make this a better place to live.  They deserve our support and VOTE

Debbie Myers is the Democratic Candidate seeking the position of Supervisor of Election.  She has worked the elections in Hernando County for many years.  She knows the procedure and is well qualified.  She has been President of the Hernando County Relators Association for several years and has good a business background.  She deserves our support and our VOTE.

Jeff Huffman is the Democratic candidate seeking the position of Property Appraiser.  Jeff has worked within the reality business and is well trained in the appraising of property. His main goal is to make the appraisal of property in Hernando County fair for all tax payers and, because of this, he deserves our VOTE.

School Board Election:  This is a non-partisan position and we must look at these candidates on their past history, educational and moral background.  There are several candidates running for a position on this Board.  There is only a couple that meet these standards.  Linda Prescott is superbly qualified through both experience and education and deserves a position on our School Board.  She deserves our support and our VOTE.  

Another non-partisan position is for Judges.  At the present time I can’t give you much information but I will pass on information before the election.

How will we accomplish these task’s?  First we intend to do start training classes for our Precinct Committee people so they can accomplish the job they have been elected to do.  The main task of the County Democratic Party is to register new voters and to get out the vote.  We are working hard to get the voters of this, and other counties in the state, to get people to file for mail-in ballots.  We need about 45,000 VOTES in order to win these elections.  We need your help, both financial and manpower.  The next meeting of the Democratic Club is on August 3rd.  The meetings are held at the Headquarter at 3432 Delton Blvd. starting at 7:00 pm.  Come and get involved.  WE DO NEED YOUR HELP.  There are over 42,000 registered Democrats voters in Hernando County and they all need to get this message.

Harvey Martin

HCDEC Chairman

Elect Ramon Gutierrez for State Representative Dist. 35 

Ramon Gutierrez Campaign Kick-Off Party

Wednesday, June 22nd  6PM–8PM

Marker 48, 12147 Cortez Boulevard, Weeki Wachee

Come enjoy my delicious chicken and yellow rice,  great company and 

support my campaign as your next Representative in the Florida House. 

Everyone is welcome.  Suggested donation $20.      

Visit or call 352-593-0885.  

Paid Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Ramon J. Gutierrez,

Democratic Candidate for Florida House of Representatives Dist. 35

Politics in the Park Straw Vote July 14th

Calling all Democrats!  We need your help to insure a big win for Democrats in the straw vote to be held at the Hernando Chamber of Commerce’s  Politics in the Park.   This popular event will be held on Thursday, July 14th from 5 PM – 9 PM at Nature Coast Technical High School, 4057 California Street in Brooksville.  Make plans to gather friends and be there to hear the candidates speak and especially to vote for our Democrats.  Many of our candidates such as Dave Koller, Diane Rowden and Jimmy Lodato will have tables there, so you can meet and discuss with them the issues that matter to you and pick up campaign materials and get involved.  Most of all, we can send a strong message that for this election, Democrats MATTER in Hernando County. Are you in?  Learn more at or call the chamber at 352-796-0697.

District 11 Presidential Delegate Applicants

The Democrats who have applied to be delegates, and to whom they are pledged appears below.

The following delegates are pledged to Hillary Clinton. From this group two females and one male will be selected.

Female Applicants                                          Male Applicants

Mary G. Baker                                                 Michael Raymond Davis

Kathleen Quinty Davis                                     Herbert Paul Douglas

Rebecca S. Fones                                           Raymond W. Fones

Cheryl E. Olin                                                   Jeremy Lynn Norton

Diane L. Schrier                                               Dorrick Nurse

Mary Victoria Sharpe


The following delegates are pledged to Bernie Sanders. From this group one female and one male will be selected.

Female Applicants                                          Male Applicants

Deborah Lynn Montgomery

Nikki Lynn Papadopoulous

Rebecca Paisley Ryan

Josephine Wilson


To vote for these candidates you must cast your ballot in person on the dates and at the places listed in an earlier post. There will be NO Vote-By-Mail for this election. It is now up to you to select who will represent our Congressional district at the Democratic Convention.