Chairman’s Corner, January 3, 2018



Harvey Martin


Here it is January 3rd, 2018.  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year because it is now time to get to work.  I believe we have candidates for the three main offices that will be seeking election in November of this year.  There are several candidates seeking the position of U.S. Congressman for Florida District 11.  We have at least one Candidate, maybe two, for County Commissioner District #2 and one for County Commissioner District #4.  The Candidates for U.S. Congress are scheduled to attend the Hernando County Democratic Club meeting on January 3rd which is being held at the Lake House in Spring Hill.  By the time you read this the meeting will be past.  However, the Democratic Club meets the fist Wednesday of each month at that location.  Meetings usually start at 7:00 pm.  The Club has guest Speakers at each meeting and I’m sure the Candidates will be back to speak at another meeting before you will be voting in November.

If there is more than one Candidate seeking the election for one of these positions a Primary Election will be held to determine who the one candidate will be that will seek the election on November 6th.  The Primary Election will be held on August 28th.

The Hernando County Democratic Executive Committee (HCDEC) meetings are held on the Third Thursdays of each month.  Our meetings are held at the Democratic Headquarters on Deltona Blvd starting at 7:30 pm on the third Thursday.  All registered Democrats are invited to attend these meetings.  The HCDEC has been recruiting candidates for the position of Precinct Committeeman for over a year now, however we still have Precincts that do not have a Precinct Committee Person.  Under State Regulations we are entitled to have at least four Committee People (two men and two women) in each Precinct.  Therefore, we have openings in almost every Precinct here in the County.  If you have any interest in being a Precinct Committee Person, please attend our meeting on the 18th of January.

That brings up the question “How do I become a Precinct Committee Person”?  A Precinct Committee Position is an Elected Position.  People seeking the position of Precinct Committee Person applies for the position in their Precinct and is elected by the Voters of that Precinct every four (4) years.  Those elections are held at the same time the Presidential Primary Election are held in August of the year the President is elected.  It is a four (4) year term.  That is the method outlined in the Florida State Statute.  However, if there is an opening, such as I quoted above, you can become a Precinct Committee Person by attending the HCDEC meetings and applying for membership on the Executive Committee.  A majority of the current Precinct Committee People then VOTE to accept or not accept you as a Precinct Committee Person in the Precinct where you Live.  If you are elected in this method, you have the same responsibility and authority as someone elected in the Primary Election.  After you are elected your name is then forwarded to the Supervisor of Elections Office as the elected Precinct Committee Person in that Precinct.

This brings up another question, “What are the responsibilities and functions of a Precinct Committee Person”?

The main function of a Precinct Committee Person is to get acquainted with the People who live in their Precinct.  A Precinct Committee Person is the Person the people from that precinct should depend on when they have some type of a problem.  The Precinct Committee Person should then go to the proper elected Official of that District and present the problem and ask them to do something about the problem.  You should follow up to see that something gets done about the problem.  Those are civic duties, however the HCDEC depends on the Precinct Committee Person to help get the VOTERS OF THEIR PARTY to VOTE on election day.

The responsibilities and functions mentioned above have been neglected by the Hernando County Democrats for too long now and it is time that changes.  The leadership of the Hernando County Democratic Executive Committee has taken the position that we want to rebuild the Democrat Party in Hernando County.  The rebuilding starts with getting Democrat Precinct Committee People elected in each Precinct.

We need VOLUNTEERS to seek the position of Precinct Committee People, we need volunteers to help keep our door open at the headquarters, we need volunteers to make telephone calls, and we need volunteers to get Democrats elected.

I could go-on and-on, however I think I have taken up too much of your time if you read this all the way through.  Therefore, I will close for now.

Your Chairman

Harvey Martin